Hey there, I'm Court!

did we just become best friends?!

Where do I even begin... as much as I love to talk, talking about myself is probably one of my least favorite things to do. Who else can relate? I guess we'll start with the basics, I'm Long Island born + bred from a small beach front town on the south shore and am lucky to still call this place home. The older sister, a daughter, a recent fiancee and animal lover. If you know me 'in real life', you know just how fiercely I love, whether its my people, animals, a great book or taking pictures, my whole heart is in it. And although that can sometimes be a little tiresome, it will forever be my favorite thing about me.

I grew up in a 'picture family' as I like to call it. Long before i-phones my parents were fully equipped with both camera and camcorder for every birthday, holiday, and family outing I can remember. I still remember my very first camera and asking my dad to pull over on the side of the road so I could snap a picture, and to this day I am still that girl. My love for photography started long before I ever even dreamed of this business, but somewhere I knew, behind the lens was where I was always meant to be. I've had a few different career paths that led me here, I've learned tons of lessons (some better than others), but my heart always felt like it was pulling me back to what I really wanted to be 'when I grew up'. So here we are, a couple hundred sessions, some happy tears, and whole lot of hard work later and I still can't believe this is all really mine.

Over the years, my photography has ebbed + flowed in so many different directions, but one thing has always remained the same; my love for the unplanned, natural, organic moments. I am far from 'picture perfect', and I can promise that I will leave every session with sandy feet, ocean soaked clothes, or grass in my hair and I want you to do the same! Because that is where the magic happens; its the messy moments that bring out genuine smiles and belly laughs that you will look back on in 50 years and be so glad you have captured forever.

things I will forever be obsessed with:

coffee, dogs, black + white photos, country music, old school mirror selfies, concerts, golden hour, & james; aka my future hubby + biggest fan.

My Favorite Places

Bayport, NY

My hometown... nothing will ever feel quite like this little place; steps from the Great South Bay, coffee brewing every morning in my mom's kitchen. This place may be tiny but there's something extra special about it.

40.7384° N,

73.0507° W

Montauk, NY

When you ask my favorite spot for a session, this will always always be my answer. A magic takes over the second you arrive, one I'll never be able to fully explain. But I promise you'll miss it the moment you leave.

41.0359° N,

71.9545° W


North Shore

I fell in love here, tucked away between farm land + the Long Island Sound. I've driven down Sound Avenue, windows down, with the love of my life more times than I can count and every time feels better than the last.

40.9698° N,

72.7393° W


I am be beach born + bred, but the mountains hold an extra special place in my heart. The gentle quiet, freshly fallen snow, snuggled up in front of the fire with my family + pups... those are memories I will never take for granted.

44.5588° N,

72.5778° W

""I think its beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love.""